Engine oil is the life blood of your engine which is why you should always choose the best quality oil you can. Engine oil not only provides essential lubrication it also prevents corrosion, cleans and aids cooling, all of which improve the life of your engine. Below are some answers to help explain the questions surrounding motor oil and why it is important to choose not only the right oil but the best oil.

What does motor oil do?

Motor oil is primarily used to stop the metal surfaces in your engine from grinding together and wearing down. It does this by creating an oil film between layers, the oil also helps to disperse heat protecting the engine. Depending on the type of oil used, it can also protect against dirt build-up and deposits within the engine which may cause blockages. High quality motor oil can also protect against sludge, fight oxidation and minimise corrosive acids. A high quality of motor oil works harder for longer reducing top-up intervals.

What’s the difference between synthetic and mineral oil?

There are two main types of oil, mineral and synthetic. Motor oils which are labelled as ‘part-‘, ‘semi-‘ or ‘synthetic technology’ contain a mixture of both mineral and synthetic oil.

Mineral based oil derives from crude oil, fracking takes place in order to refine the oil and separate it from unwanted components. Mineral oils tend to be of a lower quality than synthetic oil. The molecules found in mineral oil are inconsistent in size and as such encounter a greater amount of friction decreasing the flow rate around the engine.

Synthetic oils are manufactured using a scientific process not used in mineral oil production. The production process provides the oil with a consistent molecule size increasing flow rate throughout the engine. This enables the oil to circulate faster when the engine first starts, even at colder temperatures, providing protection from un-lubricated abrasion damage. Synthetic oils are also more resistant to heat and are more easily protected by antioxidant additives (oxidation is a natural degradation process that occurs in oil over time).

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